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The Day It All Began – 24 Hours of Wow

Salt Snippets: 24 Hours of Wow

The day that everything literally fell together right in front of me- some of the divine signs that Salt was what God wanted. 

I came back from Thanksgiving break more enthused and ready to go for Salt than ever before. I had spent a good amount of time talking through the idea with my family and got a lot of positive feedback and encouragement to go for it. There were obvious doubts as I didn’t feel qualified and confident in myself to do it, but my sister spoke truth into me saying, “you don’t need to have it all together to be used by God. He wants you where you are.” So…. I went for it.

The first thing I did was reach out to Jay, the pastor at our local church Friends Church OrangeI have been attending this church since 2013, when Jay opened started. I had known they were moving into a new venue, the Packing House, and I wanted to ask him if he would be interested in letting us use it for the conference. We had scheduled a time to meet and that is when the 24 hours of wow began

November 12, 2016



A little nervous leading into my meeting with Jay, I prayed that God would let “His will be done,” and that is exactly what Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presethappened! Jay was so encouraging in what I felt the Lord had put on my heart, and was eager to help in any way. His vision for Friend’s Orange is to be a home for college students, and the idea of bringing in college women for a conference in one of the first few weeks it will be opened after construction excited him! Stop 1… a success!


Now, I was on the road to head down to San Diego to meet up with one of my closest friends, Haley Payne! Haley had know about this idea since the very very beginning, and I wanted her to be on board with everything. I went down there with the intention of getting her on board- committed to making Salt happen, and once again “His will was done,” because that is
what happened! We talked over walking the dogs she watches, and drinking smoothies, and in her typical hyper, happy, excited self she was 100% in. Stop 2…. another success!


Personally, I see God’s divinity in my life a lot in the timing of events. So it was no wonder, this third stop fell right into line as well. I had asked IMG_8663my very good friend Ryan Bardelli, who lives in San Diego, to make me a table to use in my shed in the backyard as a collaborative work environment, because if Steve Jobs can make Apple out of a garage, then we can make Salt out of a shed. (it’a a cute shed, don’t

worry!) When I got to his house to pick it up, it surpassed anything I could have imagine him to make. The craftsmanship, the care, the color of stain, and the personal engraving of “oh how delightful it is, to be delight


by the Lord,” blew my mind. If you need someone to make some household goods for you, he is your man! RJb-builds Stop 3…. check!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Another BIG factor in this whole idea coming together is my friend Rachel Brusca. I like to call her the poster child of this idea as she is the pure embodiment of what it looks like to salt yourself, and season the world. So I had to get her on board as well! I stopped by her house on the way out of town, and like Haley, was equally excited about the idea and getting involved. Stop 4… another


This wasn’t exactly a stop, but the Lord was rejoicing with me by the magnificent sunset he IMG_8674displayed over the coast as I drove up HWY 1 back to Orange. God sure does know how to put
the icing on the cake, and the cherry on top!

Then I slept.

And I slept so well because it was an amazing day, but it wasn’t even over. I still had the morning hours before it hit 9am. Remember this is the 24 hours of wow!


I woke up to an email from Jenn Sprinkle, the owner of The Well Studio and author of 31 Prayers for the Dreamer and the Doerwhich was a such a pleasant surprise. I had been
trying to link up with her for a while but with her busy “dreamer and doer” schedule it had been hard. She had sent the email saying she was free to talk at 7:30am my time, so by the time I had rolled out of bed- the timing was perfect. IMG_8676How I even got in touch with this powerhouse women from Dallas is crazy, because it involves my roommate sitting next to them on a plane… if you want to read more you can here. When we connected on the phone, Jenn downloaded SO much knowledge and wisdom to me as she was putting on a conference in a few months. This unexpected surprise was the cap on all of the Christ orchestrated events that happened over those past 24 hours. Stop 5… amazing success!

After those crazy 24 hours, there was no doubt that this was what God wanted me to do during my last semester at school and at this point in my life. God works in my life through his timing and the timing of that day was undeniable. He wanted to affirm me in doing Salt, and that is exactly what happened.