I Woke Up Like This

Our society has become hyper-sexualized and based off of instant gratification. From a young age women are taught that if they don’t have double-Ds, a perfectly slim figure and long legs, then they aren’t beautiful. In a secular world being ...
Preserving Christmas

Preserving Advent // Preserving Christmas

Advent is the necessary spiritual practice for all of us whose hearts are broken or discouraged or angry or fearful or desperate or tired. On this Christmas Eve, we prepare our hearts for the ending of the advent season and ...
Preserving Christmas

What To Do With Your Will // Preserving Christmas

God’s will prevails, even during the chaos of evil wills of the enemy and the selfish wills of people. We can work with God to further His will. You have a will. What will you do with it?
Preserving Christmas

Living in Celebration // Preserving Christmas

As we reach the last month of the year, we begin to look back on the year we had and make plans and revisions for the upcoming year. Instead, we can live in the moment, and live in celebration of the ...
Guy Talk

Letters to My Future Wife // An Overview

Have you ever thought if your future husband was thinking about you already? Have you ever thought if he was already down a path preparing his heart and habits to one day love and respect you? Have you ever done those things yourself, but ...
FaithPreserving Christmas

Preserving Christmas // Advent 2016

Preserving Christmas // Advent 2016 Hey Salty Sisters! We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Advent Series: Preserving Christmas. Posts will go up every Monday and Thursday throughout the month of December, and continue into the New Year. We’ll ...

Showing Up

Our world can be disappointing, and can break our hearts through the brokenness that affects the lives of many across the globe. As Christians, we are called to stand up and show up for the marginalized and persecuted.  

An Eternal Mindset In A Temporary Time

As young women, it can be easy to always be looking to what we will be doing next in our life, especially when we are living in a temporary period of our lives like college and young adulthood. But, we ...