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Live Salted : The Comparison Game Sucks

The comparison game sucks and you will always be the loser. Christ never intended for us to live with envy or jealousy, but rather contentment and joy. Read on to learn how to embody these emotions by living salted in ...
FaithLife To The Full

8 Ways To Live Life To The Full In 2017

Jesus said He came to give us “life and life to the full,” and it’s time that we start discovering what that means. This way of life takes intentionality and practice + we have 8 ways to help you live this way in ...

December Bible Reading Plan

We know it is the Christmas season and we are busier than ever, but pushing our time with God to the side is not the choice we should make. This month’s reading plan is simple- just one chapter a day! ...
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Everyday Thanksgiving // Creation

God’s glorious creation. A world of beauty in ways we will never be able to understand, has been created for us to enjoy. Give God a little extra thanks this Thanksgiving, by getting out there and enjoying all that He ...
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The Ultimate Reason To Be Thankful: The Cross

The matchless love that Jesus displayed with His death on a cross, is one that we will never be able to fully understand or accept, but one that has eternally transformed our lives.  We must embrace it with open arms and a posture of thankfulness- ...

Thanks + Giving Spotify Playlist

The perfect playlist for all your Thanksgiving needs – filled with songs of gratitude, praise, and thankfulness – these songs will transform you as you let their lyrics wash over you. 
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Everyday Thanksgiving // The Mundane

A good portion of our life is spent doing things that we do not always love to do, let’s learn to turn that time into a time of thanksgiving and communication with our Creator. Part 2 of our 7 part Everyday Thanksgiving ...

Luke // Read Scripture

Our generation is categorized as being Bible-illiterate. Do you fall in that category?  Do you know scripture? Do you know the arc of it’s stories? If you don’t you are not alone, but let’s take steps towards changing that! Thanks to the ...