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Elegant Composure // Letters To My Future Wife

In a world of constant turmoil and unrest, Anthony finds himself praying for his wife to be a woman with a strong foundation, rooted on the gospel, and someone that does not go here and there as the world throws lies at us every day. Check out the next volume in the ‘Letters to My Future Wife’ series.

Elegant Composure // Letters To My Future Wife

Anthony Park 

Her robe waves violently in the storm. Her composure is unaltered. Her crown is tossed from her head. She is elegant nonetheless.

There are nights when you can feel the darkness surrounding you. Nightfall descends upon the earth as if all the world is conspiring to oppress you and throw you into the chasm of depression. The ground beneath begins to rattle as long-established values come under the scrutiny of the progressive movement. Cracks begin to show in the family you once believed to be immortal. Friends betray one another and gossip has become the accepted language of culture.

Life is much more difficult and cruel than you had imagined. Not everything pans out the ways you had hoped and so fervently believed. Your accusers number far greater than your supporters, and obstacles constantly plague your path towards confidence and righteousness.

Yet here you are, the woman I strive to become worthy of, spotless and unscathed. No blemish has marred the pursuit of your heart, no residue of anxiousness is on your face. The hours of conforming your heart to a greater cause, the days you walked alone and misunderstood, the tears you cried, and the promises you kept have forged fiery eyes that dispel depravity. You hold yourself in dignity, your walk mirroring that of a queen. Your faith holds your tongue accountable and the silence of maturity guides your conversations. The discipline of your life sends a hush over slander and crude talk.

The world is as much a trial as much as it is your kingdom to reign. You participate not as a victim but as one who bears the burden of great responsibility.

You hold your head high in the face of adversity. An onslaught of worry, shame, guilt, or insecurity may come, but you oppose them defiantly.

The chastisement of your soul condemns the habits of the foolish and subversive. I marvel at the elegance of your character and the fortitude of your resolve. Ornaments of composure and wisdom adorn the robe of royalty. Though the uncertainty of tomorrow ravages those of faint heart, you reside in the dwelling of peace. You surround yourself with the shield of identity and advance with the power of declaration. Soft spoken yet undeterred, the volume of your voice is irrelevant to its power.

I am taken aback by the compassion of your leading, the brokenness of your pursuit of perfection.

In the way the banner of a country leads young men to war, old and young alike find strength and familiarity in you. When everything seems to be a shifting a shadow, they see you as a symbol of enduring integrity. Fame and acceptance plunder the destitute hearts of the hungry, but you fill their stomachs with the hope of real food.

As a queen rises above her people, so do you kneel on the platform of humility. Before your conscience you weep as only a child can, but before your peers, your children, your elders, you roar with the might and grace of a lion.

The path you walk, is narrow but glorious. I salute you, I adore you, I admire you, and I cheer for you, just as the millions of unspoken hearts applaud you.

Yours Truly,

Anthony R Park

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