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Krista’s Heart For Starting Live Salted

My Heart Behind Salt: Founder Krista 

Hi Friends!

My name is Krista, the founder of Live Salted, and it has been on my heart to take a minute and tell you a little about myself. I know reading this
email probably isn’t the most important thing right now as school is starting soon or has just started, job responsibilities are picking up, and the speed of life seems to be going faster and faster, but I would love if you would take a few moments to read this email and hear my heart behind Salt and possibly give some feedback on how we can be here for you. PS… there are a few cool opportunities at the bottom with ways to get involved!

First things first… I am just like you
I graduated from Chapman University last May, and am now trying to navigate this season of life called post-grad (it’s for sure a strangeee place to be). When I started school, I had no Christian community and when I went online to find blog posts or a community for support… I found nothing. Experiencing that feeling of isolation, the Lord put it on my heart to start a ministry for college and millennial women to fill that void ***enter @livesalted. After putting together an amazing team of women, learning how to work Wordpress, sending countless emails, making connections with businesses and people in the area, a lot of hustle and even more prayer we launched Live Salted early February. And with the Lord’s blessing, we received a lot of traction to our Instagram and blog. But the Lord didn’t stop my dreaming heart there. After another season of hustle, two months later in April, we put on The Salt Conference in Orange, California where about 300 women from San Diego to LA gathered for an all day event with worship, speakers, giveaways, swag bags, coffee, and of course Jesus. It was amazing. It was incredible. The Holy Spirit was there. It was life giving.

Then… enter confusion 
After all of that success and hype and realness of watching the Holy Spirit work, I didn’t know what to do next. I made sure to keep a presence on Instagram and worked to upload a blog post or two a week, but the fire I had had initially seemed to be losing heat. I was graduating, moving out of my house of three years, saying bye to friends for a long time, and moving back up to Oregon (a big transition time), but I didn’t know what to do about this passion and where to go next- I was so confused.

Then… enter understanding
But not right away. After a period of highs and lows, happiness and sadness, un-motivation and semi-motivation, I turned to what I only knew- God. I started asking Him for clarity about what to do next as well as turning to the Bible, and after some time (trust me this was not a smooth process) it hit me. I realized that Salt was not just a desire in my heart to create, but rather a calling on my life. A calling that I have to be obedient to and follow through with. It’s a weighty feeling because I often times do not feel cut out or equipped to do it, but I know it is what I have to do and I am learning to find my value for the Lord and nothing else.

Then… enter you 
I need help. I have such BIG plans for Live Salted, and so much that I want to do, but I need help. I need prayer, Live Salted needs prayer, we need creatives, dreamers, Jesus lovers and believers, we need excitement and we need support. I truly believe that Live Salted is about to tip into something beautiful and amazing, and I want us all to be able to go through it together. The Lord called me to partner with Him in creating Salt, and I want to now extend that co-creation with you guys.

How you can help 
I would LOVE for you to respond to this email with any ideas or suggestions you have for us in terms of posts or content, where you think would be a good location for our next conference/conferences, if you have any skills or resources that you want to provide, maybe even thinking about tithing your money to us. Or some encouragement and love. It really is just me in my room on a computer (see photo below), so any other human interaction is much appreciated  🙂

Ladies, we are called to do werrrrk for God’s kingdom, and I really believe we have a lot to work with here and A LOT of good that can come from it for God’s daughters. Let’s get to it!

From one confused girl trying to rest and trust Jesus with His plan for my life to another… Thank you!
I hope to hear back from some of you soon 🙂

Krista Hengesh

Email: Livesalted@gmail.com