Our Story

Our First Month In Seattle

We cannot believe it has already been a month since moving to Seattle. SO much has already happened! Read on to hear about some BIG ways in which the Lord has been working, and to learn a bit more about Rachel, the Jamieson family and myself.

Photo by Emma Studley

Our Yes’s

When we all said “yes” to moving to Seattle, I don’t think we really had a full understanding to what we were exactly saying “yes” to. We knew it was going to involve living together, working with the college students in the area, and building Live Salted but the actual specifics of how that may look were completely unknown.

We are a month in now, and looking back on what we had to say “bye” to in order to say “yes” to this opportunity is pretty amazing.

The Jamieson’s said “bye” to their safe and comfortable suburban home with a huge backyard for their kiddos to play in as well as streets to bike around. They said “bye” to friends who lived a few houses down and friends they have grown up with all in order to say “yes” to the call on their heart to move into University District with no backyard or streets to bike on, and all new schools for their boys to get used to and friends for them to meet.

Rachel said “bye” to her job as a preschool teacher and receptionist at a yoga studio, her dog,  friends she has had her whole life, an apartment she loves, a town (San Diego) that she cannot get enough of, the sun, and routine in order to say “yes” to a LONG drive up the coast, rain, no real income, all new friends, and a blank planner.

For me, I said “bye” to living and eating for free with my mom in Bend, Oregon, a paycheck from a cafe I loved, good friends, running and biking trails, and the simplicity of doing life on my own time all in order to say “yes” to a lot of unknowns, a lot more responsibility, a busy city (not used to this coming from Bend), AND the joy of being able to run after the calling the Lord has put on my heart for a few years now.

Some of us were more hesitant and reluctant at first when the opportunity presented itself, while some of us couldn’t wait to jump, but regardless of where we fell on that spectrum we all couldn’t deny that the Lord was pushing and pulling us to live together.

In Mark chapter 10, Jesus is with His disciples when a man runs up and asks Him how he can inherit eternal life. After Jesus tells him to obey the Ten Commandments, sell all his possessions, and “affirms” him that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle instead of entering the Kingdom of God, both the man and the Disciples were shocked.

Then Peter said, “We have left everything to follow you!” and Jesus responded, “Truly I tell you, no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields—along with persecutions—and in the age to come eternal life” (Mark 10: 28-29)

I came across this verse – in the midst of walking Rachel through her decision to move as well as making sure it was what I wanted to do – and it rocked me. The Bible literally says we will get back A HUNDRED TIMES (the things of this present ago and persecutions) what we give up while in the pursuit of Jesus and His Gospel.

When we said “yes” to this adventure, we knew it was going to have its highs and its lows but if it meant inheriting eternal life and walking with the Lord in complete reliance everyday, then we were in!

So, How Did We Get Here?

In the middle of June, Emily and Marshall called me to see if I would consider moving into the Seattle area with them and work on Live Salted from there. I had already expressed to them that I wanted to live near them, but we had been talking about moving to California- not Washington. But, when they asked, I immediately responded with, “I’ll go where ever as long as I can be near you guys and work on Live Salted.” For me, location is just a place- something earthy- what mattered to me was being with people who would support me, and a place where I could work out the calling God has put on my heart.

The next question they asked me was, “can you think of someone who you could invite to come up with you? To help you build Live Salted?” My mind was blank for a millisecond, and then Rachel Brusca’s name flashed across my mind. I knew it would be a long shot as she had a great job in San Diego and loved her life down there, but I gave her a call. Rachel is a type A, routine, order, planner type of person so when she said, “for some reason I can’t say no to this so I’ll pray about it,” I was dumbfounded. And now, here we are a few months later all living in the same house only a few blocks from the University of Washington in the heart of all things college, Greek, the mess of this world and culture AND the healing and hopeful freedom we have by walking with Jesus.


Our Transition

Within hours of moving into this place it quickly began to take on characteristics of a home. The Jamieson’s got their entire moving van emptied in under an hour with the help of their friends. When I arrived Andi, a gal from across the street, came over and helped me and the Jamieson’s unpack my truck. When Rachel arrived we all helped to get her unpacked and moved in under an hour as well. People would walk by and introduce themselves saying they heard we were coming into town and were so excited to meet us. We got texts of people saying they were praying for us and excited to see what God is going to do this year. We were welcomed, we felt like we belonged, and all of these tangible things were just confirming the feelings we had initially felt from the Lord.

Now I wouldn’t say this places feels fully like home yet, as we don’t know all the roads or ways around town, we don’t know who our “people” will be, we haven’t had time to explore the sounding areas, or even really slow down and soak it all in- but we can say what we have experienced so far is laying a beautiful path to make this place one of the best homes any of us has ever experienced.

Monday nights are our family nights- set aside time for us to have dinner together (unless the little ones are being put to bed or having a meltdown), play games, chat and just hang out together. It has only been a few weeks and things are already pilling on but this time together is one we are going to keep sacred and set apart.

Photo by Emma Studley

So, What Have You Been Doing Exactly?

There is lots going on, so here are a few quick bullet points on some things!


  • She arrived and immediately took on a lot of responsibility with planning our Texas Tour communicating with gals from all around Texas and organizing all of the logistics and flow of our different stops and events.
  • She has taken full ownership of the move into our new office (that full story coming soon) organizing everything and finding storage for it all to fit.
  • She just re-wrote all of the product descriptions for the relaunch of our online store this weekend and doing inventory of our current products.
  • We decided her title would be the VP of Miscellaneous!

The Jamieson’s

  • Marshall is working on planning the King County Prayer Breakfast through the non-profit he works for called Centered.
  • Emily, also working for Centered, just took on a teaching role for the Vision 16,Christian housing near campus, teaching on the Principals of Jesus and listening prayer every Tuesday morning with Donna Winship.
  • The boys are getting into the swing of their new schools and meeting new friends along with the occasional melt down here and there.
  • The whole family is figuring out what a routine looks like with managing childcare, cars, everyone’s schedule, life, and time with Jesus in the midst of it all.


  • I recently took on the Greek Coordinator position at The Inn, a college ministry run out of University presbyterian Church, so I have been developing relationships with gals in the Greek system and absorbing what culture at UW is like and how we can unite all the different Christian clubs and organizations.
  • Working on the graphics and marketing of our Texas Tour.
  • Prepping for our first all team board of directors meeting happening on Oct 26-27th- we are getting closer and closer to becoming an official 501c3.
  • Creating the vision and plan for this next year of events and curriculum as well as praying about the many more years to come!

It has been a full on month, and we expect it to be this way for a little while. Pray that we can find the balance of doing while being, and remember that people are always more important than programs.

Want To Get Involved? 

One of the reasons why Live Salted has been able to grow into what it is today, is because of the support and prayers of the people we love both near and far. If you would like to get involved, we would love that! You can do that prayerfully or financially and/or both if you like with the links below!