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Passion Before Passion // Letters To My Future Wife

Passion is a part of every relationship; especially in a marriage. Check out the next volume in the ‘Letters to My Future Wife’ series. 

Passion Before Passion // Letters To My Future Wife

Anthony R Park

Your hands usher in creativity, your mind ignites revolution, and your heart inspires my tomorrow. All that you touch bursts into a dance of passion and a trail of applauding flames lingers behind you. You have captivated me by the zeal in your eyes, I am trapped in your engulfing spirit of attention. Even in the solace of a book steam rises from the whirring of your brain. An angelic tune slows the movement of time as your fingers glide across keys of serenity. And yet, elegance has never been so fierce, gentleness ever so varied.

The world moves at the rhythmic beating of your desperate heart, souls long for another taste of your unwavering purpose and vision. Ambition can take any mold, even a deceptive one, but it isn’t what I see but what I do not see that invites me to draw near.

You pull me in like the sun. My heart gravitates to your future, your abundance of warmth and drive. The blaze in your heart sets nations ablaze. It sustains planets, breaks forth into the void of space, and inspires life. The intensity of your focus penetrates stubborn minds and it melts away walls of anger and fear. It has become the cause of hope and a model of admiration. Covering over decades of defeat, setbacks, and failure, your resolve has become the foundation for those who strive.

Your heart and your mind strain to contain all the causes you have come to call your purpose and have given your life to. There is a groan in your heart far greater than any desire for man or for this world. Every morning it wakes you from your sleep, it overwhelms you in your thoughts. It has taken residence in the depths of your heart and no covering can hide you from its pursuit.

An excitement you can’t describe consumes you. A sadness in your heart which context can’t explain lingers in your conscience. The children give you wings. Music births new life. Teaching and motherhood captivate you. Law and justice stoke your determination. Just the mere thought of writing and designing brightens your day. The world is your canvas and identity your brush. Dab on the pallete of your imagination and allow beauty to flow from your existence.

Fuel the spark within and light yourself ablaze. Declare war against shame, doubt, and prejudice and let the light of your confidence prevail. Allow the rushing waters of life to overtake the embers of destruction. Set forth on a journey to reclaim the seed of your existence. Bless the world with the colors of your uniqueness. Set course on a mission and journey that transcends the now. Become the woman I must aspire to love. Challenge the Northern Star for indeed you will lead many.

Yours Truly,

Anthony R Park

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