Story: I Am Deciding to Share Mine and Why You Need to do the Same.

Stories are powerful, and they allow us to be real, if we choose to be real. I am deciding to share more of my story in hopes of bringing glory to God and showing the world what God can do when you 100% surrender to Him. Will you surrender all of your story to discover the one He has for you?

Sharing My Story

The idea of personal blogging has always kinda turned me off. For many reasons, but the greatest of which is the fear that Live Salted would become the “Krista Show.” Where people would automatically associate Live Salted with Krista Hengesh, not Jesus Christ (first and foremost) as well as a community/resource for women running after their callings in the Lord. When I was a freshman and turned to the web to find a community of people following Jesus and resources to help me do the same, all I came across was personal Christian bloggers that made me more envious of their lives which lead to self doubt instead of directing me towards Jesus.

I never want the story of Live Salted to become like that or be about me.

I want it all to be all about Him. 

There is also a part of me that is scared about my story being out there. For people to know more about me than I know about them. For people to make assumptions about me because of what they see online or on social media, without ever meeting me. For my online life to potentially become this exemplified image of who I am to the point where when people meet me, I don’t measure up. There is also the fear that through sharing my story pride will creep in and get the best of me.

I don’t want this to be the case.

I want it to be all about Him. 

And this posture of my heart will never change. I have even prayed multiple times if Live Salted ever does become about me, that it would just fail. That things would blow up, fall apart, collapse, or be destroyed.

There is NO part of me that wants to do this for my fame or my recognition.

I am doing this to show others that freedom can be experienced from past events, insecurities and fears, and that Jesus really did come to give us “life and life to the full.”

My motive truly is to make this all about Him. 

So this has lead me to believe that all of Live Salted’s posts need to be scripture and truth based with little to no personal anecdote or story. In my head, that would allow people to not compare themselves to the author but rather be directed back to the Bible and the Lord. And that was my stance for a long time, but then a few truths have hit me recently that have shifted my perspective, and made me see why sharing my story IS important, and why sharing your story is equally important as well.

3 Reasons Why We Need To Share Our Stories

1) Stories are powerful

I have been studying the idea of “story” for a few years now from how to tell a good story, to what makes a good story, to why stories move people, and this past weekend I listened to a podcast called, “Blessing a Move Of God” where the power of story really hit me. The podcast said in order to recognize a move of God, start a move of God, or be transformed by a move of God, we need to be surrounded by the stories of what He is doing- no matter how big or small they maybe.

Stories are the tangible evidence of what God is doing, and we need to share them. 

Looking into this next season of life, I know there are going to be unbelievable stories of God’s provision and I want to have an outlet to share them. There has already been so many, which gets me so excited for what is next.

I am sure there are stories in your life as well. Try to find someone to share those with this week!

2) Jesus came to be an example, and we are called to do the same.

A while back Bridgetown Church did a series called “Practicing the Way,” and it was a vision series on what it would look like if we actually lived our lives walking in step with Jesus- if we lived with Him, became like Him, and did what He did. I am not kidding when I say this series changed me. The most lasting thing that stuck with me was this idea of apprenticeship.

Jesus came to Earth to show us how to live, and to make disciples to do the same thing for the people after Him. He did that by having people follow him around and watch how He lived. In that time, they would actually follow Him around- like spend every waking hour with Him. They would be so physically close to Him that the dirt of His shoes would be on them. When I heard this, I thought:

If someone were to follow me around, close enough to get the dirt of my shoes on them, would they become a better disciple of Christ? 

Well… if that is what Jesus did, then shouldn’t I be able to say the same thing about myself? Now that is some accountability if you ask me!

Our lives are to be mirrors of the Lord. And by sharing our own story and living out what it means to be a disciple of Christ, we will be able to show others how to live in the same manner.

Let your life mirror the way God intended life to be lived and in the process shine a light for others to do the same. 

3) To share what we are learning and to be real. 

Recently, I have been craving a place to be real. To share my insecurities, my downfalls, my mistakes, my temptations. I have been wanting a platform to be honest with myself and others as well as share what I have been learning through those moments- both the good and the bad. Stories are the best outlet to do that. The more we share, the more we reflect and comprehend, and then are transformed. Sometimes I catch myself downplaying things that happen in my life as a mere happenstance or coincidence, when in reality it is all a work of the Lord’s hand. The more I share, the more I realize that and the more blown away I am by His presence.

So let’s start sharing our stories, our real stories, and be walking testimonies to all that the Lord has done and will do in our lives.

My Story 

So here I am, a few weeks out from making a leap of faith by moving to Seattle with no job or income lined up – trusting that the Lord will provide for all of our temporary, earthly needs as we live sold out for the things that have weight in eternity.

Here I am, deciding to be more open with my story- the good, bad, and ugly – in hopes of being able to mirror what life looks like when lived and walked fully with the Lord, God-willing, encouraging others to do the same along the way.

My biggest prayer is that through this all, you will see Him and know that all of this is about Him. It isn’t about me. I am just one person, trying to live out her calling in the Kingdom of God, praying that through my life and my stories, you will be able to do the same thing in your own life.

It is all about Him.

Let’s share our stories, and bask in the goodness of our Father along the way!