Our Story

The Morning It Fell Together

It starts with a pestering thought that won’t go away. A nag. A nudge. A pull. A push on your heart that you can’t shake. Maybe you haven’t felt it yet. Maybe you are feeling it now. Or maybe you will feel it soon, but when that happens know that God is placing something special on your heart, and you have to do something about it. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.17.40 AM

– Photo taken the day of our leader meeting – when it all began


Myself and the other leaders of Chapman Delight were gathering on one unassuming Thursday morning to plan our events for the upcoming semester, and prepare for our meeting that following Monday. It was like any other ordinary leader meeting with us gathering on CJ’s front porch, sitting on Mexican blankets drinking tea and coffee talking over the occasional extremely loud train that passes by a few times in the morning. The first few weeks of Delight had been unreal. We had over 65 women coming out, and the leaders and I quickly saw the need for a strong Christian community on campus AND had a strong feeling that God was going to move in big ways on campus this semester.

Studying abroad the previous semester in Thailand, I was ready to hit the ground running going into the new year. I was also experiencing this nudge on my heart telling me that something big was going to happen this year and I had to dream big…bigger than I ever had before.

That morning, the leaders and I went through some of the things we wanted to do this year: bring in a guest speaker, have the founders of Delight speak while on their college tour, have an event at our local church’s Friends new venue, and ultimately leave the women of Delight with the lasting truth that God has called them to a life of value and purpose.

Then….something in my mind clicked. 

The idea felt foreign. Not of my own. But I knew it was something that I had to share.

Before I knew it, I was drawing all these lines and arrows from our list of ideas to the margin of the page where I wrote “February event.”

Then… the ideas started flooding in: 

“We could have speakers!”

“We could bring in vendors, have cute decorations, activities!”

“Women could come from all around Southern California! Outside of Chapman!”

Nothing like this has ever been done.” 

There were no limitations to these thoughts, they just kept coming. Even the name. It started off as “Salted Love,” then quickly changed to “Love Salted,” then to “Salted” before landing on what it is now “Salt.”

Looking back at it, I feel as though God almost laughed at the list we had come up with, he probably appreciated it, but He knew He was up to something far beyond ourselves.  Our God dreams bigger than we can ever imagine, and that morning He made it very evident that the dreams we had would not come anywhere near His.

I let the idea ruminate in my mind for a while wanting to make sure it was what God wanted, and not something self motivated to find affirmation from accomplishing something. But after waiting a few weeks, and still not being able to get it out of my head, here I am writing this post two months later.

Our God is good, and if you dream big, He will always dream bigger- blowing the roof off of your biggest expectations. So dream yourself, and be ready to be amazed.

With joy,