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We Are Put Together // Letters To My Future Wife

The road of someone’s past does not define them. It is their journey to which they have arrived today. Anthony is praying for his wife’s journey and how when their paths cross how he will be able to guide her along their journey together. Read on for the next post in our ‘Letters to my Future Wife’ series. 

We Are Put Together // Letters To My Future Wife

By Anthony Park 

The canvas is white. Therefore, it is pure. Splash black on the canvas. Therefore, it is tainted.

What if white is black and black is white. What if it is not so much what we are told but what we believe in. Is that not the way of faith? Is that not the proposition of eternity, to pursue the unknown? To wrestle with an idea, a future that nothing of this world substantiates?

I choose to see what grace demands me to see. I believe what love expects me to believe. The visible does not govern my thoughts, nor the seen corner me in.

The reality of your past only sustains its reality in the minds of those who linger in them. They hold true only for those that cannot release them. Whatever paths immaturity has taken you or injustice has forced you to take, neither are the paths we will venture together.

I am grateful. For the roads you have taken, no matter how childish, no matter how selfish, have caused our journeys to cross.

I am in tears. For the roads you have taken have been arduous and painful. The bandits have hurt you and stolen pieces of joy, hope, and love, and instead, exposed you to scars, distrust, and shame.

I am excited for the roads you have taken have been replaced by the road we will take. We will walk hand-in-hand. The bandits of old may come again, but I will be there. The roads may reappear but I will direct you. We will fight off selfishness and greed, we will flee from unwise behavior.

Gather the sand and we will cement the potholes; clear the rubble strewn across the canvas of memories. I will go before you and pave the way towards a future that delights in our paths. Perspective will move asunder the obstacles before us. Understanding will grant us deeper insight into the steps we lay down.

The prisoners of your past will rejoice as we unshackle your memories from fear, disappointment, and unresolved longings. With a smile we open arms to the beggars of your youth. We fill their cups with mercy and forgiveness and speak life into them and push them that they might no longer dwell.

We will walk forwards, our stride kingly, our vision uncluttered. Towards the same goal we will go.

My hands caress clean hands. The sweet fragrance of purity blossoms with every movement of your countenance. You return my gaze with eyes that know self-forgiveness. Guilt has lost its grip on you, and regret has lost sight of you. Forward is the direction you know. Love in its highest form, the only virtue you seek.

You are my beloved because my love fills every pore, every valley, and every crack. You are my love because my love remains in you.

Yours Truly,

Anthony R Park


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