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You Are So Beautiful // Letters To My Future Wife

In a world obsessed with beauty, you are unique, beautiful, and so much more. Read the next letter in our ‘Letters To My Future Wife’ series.

You Are So Beautiful // Letters To My Future Wife

Anthony R. Park

Have you imagined what it would look like if we could gather the rays of light breaking the confines of the clouds, to mold it in our hands and mix in the fragrance of pleasure and the bliss of perfection. I imagine it would create a creature so divine that even the angelic symphony could not compose an introduction worthy of its beauty. All the galaxies of space would gaze in jealous adoration of the arrival of life like no other. From the remnant of brilliant light and the explosion of celebration comes forth a being whose every fiber testifies to love and every cell declares worship. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You are the most beautiful woman I will ever know.

I am drawn to you like a king to his kingdom, a glutton to his addiction. The dignity of love compels me to pursue in character. The irrationality and brashness of it forces me to hastily abandon my alliance with reputation. I am quick to throw off notions of dating, relevance, and opinion when my heart rebels within me. It swells with hope and contracts with sorrow. My conscience has lost all regard of north and south. Your eyes are like an oasis in the desert of life. Blinding light reflected on pools of certainty and determination penetrates my soul. They bring refreshing to those who dare to abide in your gaze.

Your lips drip of sweet honey. The scent of truth and justice lingers around your mouth. The residue of encouragement glosses over lips that are acquainted with gratitude and sincerity. The touch of your skin electrifies me, your embrace comforts me like the warmth of my mother’s arms.

I have found no flaw in you. I am not blind nor am I ignorant. Plainly, I am in awe and more than that, I am hopelessly in love.

Never in my life have my eyes laid hold of such grace. You are like a pearl hidden from the clutch of evil, untainted by shallow thoughts, protected in the deep waters of refinement. Among the millions of oysters scattered across the ocean floors, there is none that compares. With a swift glance no one would recognize the treasure resting, waiting in silence among the crowds.

But you revealed yourself to me. I heard your cry through the deep waters. The shell of your youth could contain you no more. Your value surpasses the finest of artifacts, it has stolen the glitter of all the world. In your presence diamonds bow down and gold paves a way for you.

With your appearing, you threw mankind into chaos as we fumbled helplessly to find a word that described you. We took every word of every language and we still could not feel justice professing empty words upon your existence.

My soul has been ravaged, I am no longer a man. I am nothing more than the flailing of emotions, inundated by thoughts of you. I have seen more than any man could harbor in his fragile heart. Tears are my only outlet of expression because they are the words language cannot justly convey. They are my act of surrender, my final bow, the deepest sign of gratitude humility can observe.

I don’t know who you are or where you are. But my heart tells me you are worth waiting for. You have instigated in me a fight to honor you now. You have given me hope to preserve myself for you. I’ve locked the hope of life and of beauty in the dreams I have of you. You push me to become a man that is worthy of your heart and of your mind.

Oh how my soul misses you. Oh how I long to know you.

Yours Truly,

Anthony R Park

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