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Your Greatest Fan // Letters To My Future Wife

There is someone out there rooting for you, cheering you on. Someone who is dreaming for you and cannot wait to come alongside you in your ambitions. Pray that the Lord will lead you to that person in His perfect timing. The next letter in the Letters To My Wife Series.

Your Greatest Fan // Letters To My Future Wife

Anthony R. Park

Do you want to fly? Do you believe you can soar at the greatest of heights, to make your bed amongst clouds and travel with the keepers of the sky? Then I will petition the winds to elevate you and build the wings to carry your hopes upwards. I will flap my arms to draw the criticism of the masses, to endure the weight of their doubt so nothing will hinder you.

You said you wanted to feed a child from every nation.

Hopefully my macaroni isn’t too salty.

You said you wanted your painting to hang on the Louvre.

Where would we move the Mona Lisa?

You said you wanted to start your own business.

This is all the money I have.

You said you wanted to be a princess.

I guess that makes me a prince.

You said you wanted to write music.

Can I be the first to hear?

I’ve weaved your dreams, your sorrows, and expectations into the fabric of my soul and at the turn of your head, the stutter of your thoughts, I will be at your side, with your dream in hand.

I am your audience, your guinea pig, your backup, and your home base. I am the slow beating in your heart that reminds you that you can. I am the screaming cheerleader that shouts with restraint and infuriates the masses.

I am the creator of chances and the maker of ways.

I am your partner in exploits both grand and minor and your greatest investor. I stake my whole life on the passions that have been engraved upon your heart and surrender my existence for your fulfillment. Only give me that honor; give me that pleasure.

You will come to see the day pass when your hands, calloused by the kisses of a thousand pens will hold the hearts of a million children. Your dress will retain the stains of your emotions that the sea of gazing eyes and flashing lights will never know your painting holds. You will walk me down on carpets of silk and place upon me the crown of loyalty, for our legacy remains in each other.

You will rise on the wings of eagles, the sun’s glory yours. But until you do, I’ll lift you up with my arms and stand you on my shoulders because I am your greatest fan.

Yours Truly,

Anthony Rich Park

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